Guidelines for Curators

Guidelines For Reading Curators

If you’re interested in being a reader, you can start by signing up to be a curator.  We have provided the following guidelines to help you organize your reading. The success of RVA Litcrawl relies on you.


  • Select a venue in the Carytown area. Choose a venue that is within Carytown or within an easy walking distance. We have provided you with a list of possible venues if needed. It is up to you to get permission to use the space and to arrange all details with the manager or owner of the venue.
  • Consider a venue that provides seating and may reflect the theme of your reading. We strongly recommend you get a microphone to enable all to hear.
  • Select a theme for your reading. We suggest you be specific such as Apocalyptic Fiction or An Imaginative Voice.
  • You are responsible for getting readers. (See more about readers below.)
  • Your event lasts 60 minutes. Consider no more than 4 readers, each reading about 10 minutes
  • Consult us ASAP about details of your event for final approval and to secure your preferred time slot.We will post a calendar at our website about time slots available.
  • We will make a poster for RVA Litcrawl but feel free to make a flyer for your specific event. Promote your event via social media. Consider a separate Facebook event page. Use any other resources available to you. Include the address to our website. Use Twitter hashtag #RVALitCrawl.
  • Promote the venue hosting your reading by mentioning it or otherwise offering thanks.
  • Keep to the 60 minute time frame to enable participants enough time to get to the next venue.There are two readings at any given time and 30 minutes to get to the next one. Mention the readings that follow yours in your initial or closing comments.


  • You are responsible for finding your 4 readers. You can be 1 of your 4 readers.
  • This is a Richmond event that celebrates published Richmond writers. Limit your choices to favor Richmonders. You may invite 1 of your 4 readers from afar, however we prefer that the visiting writer has ties to Richmond.
  • Readers are to be published writers in any of the following: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or a hybrid.
  • Readers are limited to reading at only 1 venue.
  • Collect a 50 word bio, pic, website address, and email from each of your readers. When you have everyone’s complete information, send them, along with title of reading, venue name and address in one email to and to by February 15.


  • All readers are welcome to sell their books. We are working on specifics with local indie bookstores.

After Party

  • All event planners, readers, audience, and RVA Litcrawl friends are encouraged to attend the RVA Litcrawl After Party at CanCan on Saturday night, from 9:30 to 11:30. This event is open to the public as well.
  • Books will be available for sale at this event.

Printable pdf:  RVA Litcrawl 2018 Guidelines for Readings

Link to venue suggestions

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