Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get involved?

You can curate a reading (organize), offer your business as a venue, donate to the RVA Litcrawl, spread the word about our event, and/or attend the readings.

If I want to curate a reading, how do I do that?

We have established guidelines for curators that addresses how to find a venue, who to choose as readers and how to manage the reading. These can be found here.

What if I’ve never curated a reading. What type of support do you provide?

This is a team effort. In addition to the guidelines, we will respond to questions and make suggestions as needed.

What kind of writers are welcome to read?

Published writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and hybrids. Readers live in Richmond, near Richmond, or have an affiliation to Richmond.

Will there be an Open Mic?

We very much want one. If you would like to curate or co-curate one, let us know.

If I don’t want to curate a reading, can I still be a reader?

Curating a reading guarantees you a spot as a reader. If you don’t want to curate, let us know about your interest and we’ll do our best to suggest you as a reader. However, curators, not the steering committee, ultimately choose their team of writers who will read.

Are there other ways I can volunteer?

We welcome volunteers. Let us know what you’re interested in doing. 

How much does the event cost?

All events are free.

How do you manage to keep the event free?

We welcome donations in any amount, encourage you to buy drinks and food at the host venues, and, of course, to buy books from our authors.

Can I make my books available for sale?

If you will be reading, yes. Books will be available at Fountain Books, Chop Suey Books, and at the After Party.

Where do you recommend I park?

There are two parking garages in Carytown, a lot at Cary Court, and street parking. There are ample places to lock your bicycle.

Who is welcome at the After Party?

Writers, readers, and friends of both.

Are you associated with the other litcrawls around the country?

In spirit only, as part of a movement of literature lovers.